Increase Your Vitamin-D This Winter

Increase Your Vitamin-D This Winter

It is estimated that 5% of adults are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is important as it helps us keep our bones healthy. Vitamin D is usually easy to get, as you receive vitamin D every time you go outside and sit in the sun. Unfortunately, in Australia we do need to beware of how much sun we are getting due to the risk of sunburn and the high risk of skin cancer; however, it is still vital to go outside and get some sunshine to keep our health in top shape.

We also recognize many people are vitamin D deficient because it is hard to have time to go outside and be in the sun with the way our society currently runs. Office jobs are making it harder for people to get as much vitamin D as they should be. Luckily, there are many other ways that the human body can absorb vitamin D.

Oily fish.
Fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna contain large amounts of vitamin D. Consuming oily fish at least once a week can help prevent you from being vitamin D deficient. Try and get fresh fish we are possible, but if this is not possible for you then you can still get vitamin D from canned tuna salmon and sardines.


Dairy products are a great source of vitamin D. Products such as milk, yogurt and cheese all contain vitamin D. For our vegan friends, soy milk and other plant based dairy substitutes such as rice milk and almond milk also contain vitamin D so there is no need to worry about your dietary needs getting in the way of you receiving the vitamins and minerals that you need.

Mushrooms are a fantastic plant source of vitamin D. Our favourite fungi absorb and synthesize vitamin D when exposed to sunlight and UV Rays in the same way as people do. Eating mushrooms at least once a week will greatly improve your chances of maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D.

Porridge and cereal.
Oats, porridge, and other cereals such as bran contain high levels of vitamin D. This is great for winter as porridge is a popular breakfast in the colder months. Half a cup of oatmeal can provide around 15% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin D for an adult. This makes them an easy way to quickly boost your vitamin D intake to help you stay healthy over the winter months.

Vitamin D is vital to maintain healthy bones. Not consuming enough vitamin D increases your risk of fractures, ensures your body takes longer to recover from breaks and sprains, and in children, a vitamin D deficiency can even lead to rickets. This is why it is so important to get enough sunlight and eat well during the summer and autumn, in order to prepare for the cold winter months when it is harder to motivate ourselves to go and spend days outside.

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