Successful Weight Loss Relies on A Positive Self Image

Successful Weight Loss Relies on A Positive Self Image

Females are usually the ones more affected when it comes to problems with self-image.  So, this article will focus more on women though it applies to both genders.  

Our body image is an important part of our lives as women.  Many women feel dissatisfied with some parts of their appearance and their body in general.  Anorexia is just one extreme example when one is greatly struggling with her appearance.  

Losing weight is a constant and frustrating experience for many women. The problem with dieting is that most programs will force you to restrict yourself from certain foods that lead to starving yourself.  And we know that this is not fun at all.  But the truth is, many diets fail at helping you to lose weight permanently.  Diets are actually temporary fixes.  They don’t offer a permanent solution to your weight loss problem.  Notice those who succeeded at losing weight through dieting who later on put the weight back on.  

Low Self-Image

Self-image is simply a reflection of what others say you are.  And most women have low self-image.  Beware of a negative self-image because it can destroy your life. If you really think what others are thinking of you is then you’ll believe that it is true.  If you are struggling with your self-image due to your weight, there are dietitian for eating disorders who can help. 

One reason why dieting doesn’t work for some women is that they don’t approach them in the right mindset.  Often, they are in a negative self-image of themselves.  This is great because of how society dictates how women should look like.  The ideal woman should be skinny and if you are not thin, you won’t be desirable.  This pressures women more.  If they will continue to look at society’s standards for beauty, they will have little success with their weight loss plans.

Having a good self-image plays an important role in improving your self-confidence and in the success of your weight loss plan.  Believing in yourself is the first step to making a difference in this world.

Clear Your Negativity

Before you can see results with your weight loss efforts, you need to clear your mind of any negativity you have with your weight and body.  You need to learn to love yourself.  You need to change your thoughts and don’t allow society to influence you.  

Keep this in mind:  You are a unique individual with a beautiful smile, body, and soul.  No one laughs the same way that you do.  Once you learn to accept yourself and your flaws, you will become more comfortable with yourself and society will no longer be able to affect you.  


This is my favorite part.  Affirmations are all about wonderful things.  Get a clean sheet of paper and write down all the great things you love most about yourself.  If this is hard for you to do, you can ask a friend what they like about you.  Every morning when you get up, read your list aloud.  Do this also before you go to bed at night.  This practice will not only improve your self-esteem but will also turn your negative perception of yourself into a positive one.  

Now For the Fat

Now is the time to find the solution to that stubborn fat once you have your emotions in the right place.  You may target one part or area that you want to get rid of the most.  Those fats around the abdominal area are considered the unhealthiest.  To get rid of them, the safest and surest way is to change your eating food.  Eat foods that are low in calories and bad fats and that are high in nutrients.  The best sources for such are whole natural foods which include organic fruits and vegetables, lean white meats, pulses, oily fish, and whole grains.


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