How to Choose the Best Protein Powder For You

How to Choose the Best Protein Powder For You

Protein powder is often an important part of one’s routine and exercise plan. If you are just starting out with using a protein powder , or you have recently changed your exercise routine or goals and plan, then the choices can be overwhelming and can sometimes stop you from using protein powder at all.



One of the most important things to consider when choosing a protein powder is taste. If you have a sweet tooth try flavors such as chocolate, cookies and cream, or strawberry. If you do not like sweet things so much then perhaps try vanilla, mixed berry, or malt flavours. You want to be able to enjoy the protein powder that you have chosen. There is no point in consuming something if you hate the taste of it.



If you find that your protein powder feels gritty when mixed into a shake or milk drink, it may be because of the type of milk you are using. Try using a different type of milk such as rice milk or oat milk to see what result works best for you.



the most popular protein powder on the market today is whey protein. This is because of the cost of this product and because it is potentially the best protein powder to use when you are trying to build and gain muscle. Whey powder is easy for most stomachs to digest and it contains vital nutrients and amino acids that help with muscle production and cellular healing. This makes it great for people who do weights often, or workouts where they are likely to injure themselves. Take whey after your workout for best results.



Soy protein powder is a great option for women. Not only does soy help build bone mass which can help counter the effects of common birth control methods, but soy protein powder also helps with the development of estrogen hormones which can overtime ease the effects of menopause in may help ease period pain while exercising.  



This is a popular choice for those trying to lose weight and sustain the weight loss. Casein is a slow acting protein powder, and it is recommended that you take it as a meal replacement. Do not consume directly before or after a workout or it’s effects will be minimal to you. Once consumed it takes one to two hours to activate and remains activated for up to 7 hours. It is recommended that this is taken regularly before bed.


Brown Rice

Brown rice protein powder is a fantastic choice for vegans and those with celiac disease. This protein powder is great for recovery, but it is not necessarily good for muscle building due to it having less protein than way. It also has a good effect on body composition. it is recommended that like casein, this protein powder is consumed regularly and not just prior to or post workout. 


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